“Sometimes our email just stops working”

“Looks like we need to buy a new server”

“Why can’t I access the information I need now?

“I think our data is backed up….not sure though!”

“IT support costs are way too high”

“Spam mail is a real headache for my company”

“We should be collaborating a lot better!”

“Cloud Logic made the migration of our e mail to the Cloud seamless and pain free”

Nicky Logue, Director & GM
Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel

Being in the cloud lets you connect to your business information anywhere and anytime.

Information is pushed to you in real time which means you are always up to date.

Cloud computing makes flexible working practices a reality for your business.

You only pay for what you need, upgrades are automatic, and scaling up or down is easy.

Lower IT costs because you have no server hardware to purchase or maintain.

“Always on the go but also in need of information the Cloud was an obvious choice”

Patrick McKillen, Director
Press Up Entertainment

Cloud Logic can help your business make the switch to Office 365

We can plan and execute a smooth migration of your existing email and data

Introduce the many benefits of Microsoft SharePoint to your business

Make your current server redundant to requirements and you never worry about data backup again

Cloud Logic can save you time and money!

“Cloud Logic introduced us to a business class email solution without the usual elevated cost of ownership. “

Ralph Bingham Director, Architect
Mola Architecture

Trust Cloud Logic to successfully deploy Office 365 for your business

Get Cloud Logic to provide you with a comprehensive email system delivered directly from the cloud.

Use our expertise in how SharePoint delivers the tools required for implementing real business efficiencies

Contact Cloud Logic today for a free 30 day trial of Office 365 and let us show you our logic in the Cloud!

“Introducing the SharePoint online platform was a significant step made easy by Cloud Logic”

Merlin Haslam, ITC Manager


Cloud Logic explained in less than a minute!